hugo pendants for reel grrls

 My sister and I took my son Kirk to see the movie Hugo not too long ago. What fantastic imagery in that movie…loved it! Then, a few weeks later, Kirk and I were browsing at the Mercer Island Thrift store and spotted an antique, Vienna pendulum clock. It was broken…and in a box with some of it’s pieces and parts…$15! I told him we could take it apart and maybe find some cool pieces inside to make jewelry out of…so we did just that.

My little Hugo meticulously took the clock apart…handing me one spectacular brass piece of hardware after the other. It was a school night, but we stayed up working. He told me that night that “it was the most fun thing he had EVER done”. These are 2 necklaces I made from some of the gears from the clock. I gave one of them to my friend Robin Held…as a “thank you for being such a cultural force in our community” gift, as she recently left her position at the Frye Art Museum to take the helm of Reel Grrls, a Seattle non profit dedicated to empowering young women to realize their power, talent and influence through film and media production. The other I gave to my long-time friend, collaborator, and mentor, Sandy Cioffi, is a Seattle-based film director/producer (Sweet Crude). She too, is a cultural, community, educational, needless to say, political force to be reckoned with here in Seattle. She celebrated her 50th this year, so my clock parts resembling film reels, seemed perfect for the occasion. How lucky I am to have these very real, reel girls in my life.

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