beach stone ring for gramarene

Gramarene ring for Irene Tremblay

Rhode Island beach stone ring for Gramarene

If you’re not yet aware, Rhode Island has THE best beaches in all of the US. While we were back there for a summer vacation a few years back, I collected stones from the beaches we visited. They were all so beautiful…so many different colors and shapes. I wanted to set one in a ring.

When I got back, I set to work on it at Pratt. I think I was taking the second half of Jewelry I with Amy Reeves, of Tacoma Metal Arts, at the time. She was so helpful in guiding me through what was a very complex process. First, I made a shallow copper dome to set the stone in. I had to drill a whole into the stone, solder in a post to set the stone on the shank. I then wrapped an antique brass bead around the stone itself. This was a special antique bead…from a collection of costume jewelry that my mother in law gave to me from her Great Aunt Wanda. Once the stone was wrapped, I soldered the silver setting onto the bead and found a perfect amethyst stone to set inside of it.

I know…this one crazy looking ring. But I learned tons making this one…and wanted it to have special meaning for my mother in law.


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