silver napkin ring = cuff & pendant

WP_002750 napkinring.pendant



When we were younger, my mom had her sterling silver napkin rings made into silver cuffs for my sisters and me. She had our names engraved in them. I still wear mine often.

my engraved napkin ring cuff

my engraved napkin ring cuff 


my Mercer Island Thrift shop napkin ring cuff

So, when I found 2 silver napkin rings at Mercer Island Thrift store, I scooped them up. I tested the metal to see if it was solid or plated…and since it was plated, I know I could only cold work the metal. So, I cut a small 2.5″ piece out to create a cuff bracelet…and filed the edges. Then I took the piece I cut out and made a pendant with an antique crystal drop.


2 thoughts on “silver napkin ring = cuff & pendant

  1. I purchased napkin rings to make into cuffs as you described in ur blog. What did u use to cut it…mine are sterling silver. And what did u use to file the edges after cutting….thank you for any help u can give me

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