Madeleine’s Necklace for Homecoming , 2012

I am an artist who works in many mediums. I’m now folding jewelry design and metalsmithing and into my creative bag of tricks. Making custom gifts for people is my specialty. I make pieces that honor milestones (a wedding, a birth, a graduation, a homecoming, a loss) and celebrate personal and family legacies.  My creative alchemy combines hand forged metals with antique hardware, vintage findings, alternative materials and found objects to make modern heirlooms that honor someone special and mark a significant moment in time.

My process requires one-on-one time with my clients…hearing their stories, looking through their jewelry boxes for sentimental fragments…and combining them with complimentary elements I find. Whether it is chandelier crystals or European medals of honor from a Paris flea market, or antique brass drawer pulls or gears from a broken Vienna pendulum clock, I like to up-cycle found objects and artifacts and incorporate them into my work. My goal is to blend the rustic with the modern to make timeless, elegant, wearable pieces that tell poignant, personal stories.


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