a silver baby rattle cuff for charley


This is Charlotte Quinn Gaiser…Queen of the Long Lash. As you can see, she is pretty much the yummiest little baby there is on the planet at this moment. Clearly my blog should be exclusively dedicated to her precious self. But I believe my extended family are rising to the occasion and she is trending on all social media platforms.

While awaiting her arrival, I had time to plan and plot for the perfect little bangle. Baby bracelets, in my opinion, need an update. So, I took it upon myself to see if I could set my fashion forward grand niece up with something a little more modern than the standard, dainty pearl chain or engraved gold band. I found an Alpaca silver bracelet at the thrift store and sawed it apart. Found a jingly, silver bead that I wired to another silver dome that I soldered to the frame. Viola…a rattling, baby bracelet! And guess what?…she LOVES it!