heirloom-inspired lasercut jewelry


my daughter Olivia, sporting my prototype

This summer, I took “Laser Cut Jewelry Design” with Heidi Dale Allen (Arboreal Jewelry), my second class at Makerhaus, Seattle’s finest design-centric fablab in Freemont. It was the perfect opportunity to create some prototypes for a necklace that I’ve been wanting to make. The inspiration came, not surprisingly, from a beaded glass yolk necklace my mother wore often. I wanted to see if I could adapt the silhouette to make a more modern version using a 21st Century tool…the laser cutter.
jane.gen.visi.05This is what I did: Took picture of the necklace —> brought image in Photoshop and made into high contrast graphic —> Imported image into Illustrator —> Use auto trace filter to create vector —> Adjust sizing to fit neckline —> and save as EPS file. Viol-la!…ready to hand off to your friendly Makerhaus laser cutter operator! If you have PhotoShop and Illustrator under your belt, it’s pretty simple process.
mom's glass beaded yolk

mom’s glass beaded yolk


lasercut yolk (1)

lasercut yolk (2)

lasercut yolk (2)

The material they provided in the class was this industrial felt, wood veneer, acrylic polymer. Thought the felt would work best, but still curious about what those other materials would do, given this design. I still have yet to add metal hardware/clasp to my yolks. My next step will be to create a small run of these in different materials…leather for sure. Let me know if you want one!